Aaron's Temple of Death

Welcome to the Moathouse
We've got Swamp and Frogs!

As we are nearing our destination we are joined by a pixie and an Avarel. Apparently they are members of the group who had not yet caught up to the rest of the party. They are a welcome addition, especially since none of us know what lies in wait for us.

Upon reaching the Moathouse we see two figures standing in the doorway. We do not get to talk to or engage with them however because a gigantic frog beast jumps in front of us and it is HUNGRY.

It shrugs off fire damage, but lightning seems to work, as does hitting it really really hard. It took some time, but we managed to vanquish the froggy foe.

The Bar
Where everyone is hiding their face!

Aurelia Lightseeker, Cleric of Pelor, has been traveling for some time healing the sick and helping out at Temples of Pelor in need or being built. She stops for dinner at a crossroads tavern and encounters a group of people who seem travel weary. It is obvious that some are hiding their true natures, but being a half-elf she feels no need to call them out on it. She knows the torment of prejudice and has no reason to out someone trying to get a meal.

A couple of cloaked figures arrive and Aurelia is a bit more shocked at seeing a dark elf in hiding. The two approach the first group and it seems a serious discussion follows. The dark elf and friend step away so the party can confer and Aurelia listens to the tale of how they are considering taking on a group of seasoned warrior bandits who have stolen payment that was meant for them. The bandits have already killed many and these two were the only ones left of their group, they have no intention of going back to face the bandits themselves. It’s up to the party to find and retrieve the stolen goods.

Aurelia barely hesitates before offering to accompany them, she can’t let them go off into such peril with no aid and no visible healer in their party. Helping them survive to get their just payment is the right thing to do. The party accepts her offer of aid and they journey towards Hommlet.


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